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Detect PFC versionTag(s): PFC

The n_cst_debug contains CONSTANT definitions to show different informations about the current PFC installation.
PFC_BUILD_DATE   Build date  Date
PFC_FIXES        PFC revision level Integer
PFC_MAJOR        PFC major revision level Integer
PFC_MINOR        PFC minor revision  Integer 
PFC_NAME         PFC title String
PFC_BUILD_TIME   Build time  Time
Since they are CONSTANTS, you don't need to instantiate an object simply to get these values, just refer to them with n_cst_debug.[CONSTANT NAME]. This can can be useful to show in the w_about window for example..
string ls_ver = string(n_cst_debug.PFC_MAJOR) + "." + &
    string(n_cst_debug.PFC_MINOR) + "." + &
MessageBox(n_cst_debug.PFC_NAME, ls_ver)