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Use the w_master pfc_Save eventTag(s): PFC

The w_master pfc_Save event will update all "self_updateable" objects. u_dw is self updateable by default but you must of_SetUpdateable(TRUE) n_ds, u_lvs, u_tab and u_tcs objects to enable this feature. Each these self-updatable objects have their own events that will be called by the w_master pfc_Save event. Here is the event sequence that will occur during a pfc_Save

pfc_AcceptText execute an AcceptText on all self-updating objects
pfc_UpdatesPending Check if there is any self-updating object that need to be updated
extend on the object
performs validation on the object level
returns SUCCESS if ok, FAILURE otherwise.
For non-PFC object, create an user event
called ue_validation which returns an integer
greater or equals to 0 for SUCCESS.
extend on the window
Empty event, use to prepare an update
extend on the window or control
Empty event
more validations if necessary,
return SUCCESS to continue the pfc_Save process or
FAILURE to abort
extend on the window
Empty event
code the transaction beginning, returns
SUCCESS to continue the update
extend on the window
Do the update on the self-updating objects.
For non-self-updating object, you can code here
the update procedure. Returns SUCCESS or FAILURE.
If it's a failure, use of_SetDBErrorMsg() to set an appropriate
error message (it will displayed by the pfc_DBError error).
extend on the window
Empty event
Here you can code the SQLCA.of_Commit() or SQLCA.of_Rollback()
depending on the savecode (an event parameter) value.
extend or overrride on the window
If an error occurs, this event will occur.
extend on the window or control
Reset update flags on the self-updateable objects