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Display compile timestamp in the w_about windowTag(s): PFC

[appmanager contructor event]
constant string ls_version =  &
   'Application version 1.0~r~nCompile Date:  ' + &
    string(Today(), 'mmm dd, yyyy hh:mm')
Another way way is to look at the executable file and extract the last modified date attribute.
date dt
time tm

f_setfilesrv(lnv_fs, True)
lnv_fs.of_GetLastWriteDateTime &
   (gnv_app.iapp_object.appname + ".exe", dt, tm)
st_build.text = &
   "Built on "+string(dt, "mm/dd/yyyy")+" at "+string(tm,"hh:mmam/pm")
DESTROY lnv_fs